Filtration Basic

Author: Steve Joneli - High Desert Koi

Filtration Basics
In any good Koi Pond we need two different kinds of filtration. Mechanical, for us humans to keep the water clean and clear for our viewing pleasure, and biological to culture the Aerobic Bacteria that break down and consume the waste the fish produce. (Ammonia). Let’s start with Mechanical.

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Use and Abuse of High Rate Sand Filters on Koi Ponds

Author: Chris Neaves

A few years ago it was unheard of to use a swimming pool or industrial high rate sand filter on a koi pond. The reasons invariably given were - they clog up too quickly or “they don't work”. High rate sand filters have been purpose designed to remove minute solids from water, generally, the swimming pool in domestic use. The internal dimensions, the sand size, the backwashing facility, the internal arms of this piece of equipment are all designed for use with chemically treated water.

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