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100% Pure Praziquantel No fillers!
Praziquantel is the safest and most effective way to clean your pond of parasitic flukes and worms.

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Ulcers! Body sores! Bacterial infections! Worms! FLUKES! If any of these symptoms sounds familiar to you then you have found the right product.

Body flukes, gill flukes, and internal fluke worms are a common problem in many of our koi ponds. Praziquantel effectively treats all three of types of fluke parasites.

Fluke parasites are the cause behind of many of the bodily damage that we witness in our koi fish. Fluke attacks can induce bacterial infections which quickly turn into large unsightly lacerations known as ulcers. Praziquantel can even rid your fish of flukes that you may not even be aware of such as internal worm flukes, and gill flukes.

Praziquantel is the perfect low cost, fish safe product for treating fish ponds that have problems with flukes and worms. Unlike most products Praziquantel does not set back your biological filtration system and you do not need to do big water changes. Simply dose the pond and watch your fish inhabitants flourish and improve. It is common for veterans and expert fish keepers to dose praziquantel in the spring right before a warm season of heavy feeding, and in the fall right before a the cold season of minimal feeding.

The Praziquantel that we sell is 100% pure Praziquantel and manufactured in a FDA approved lab. We do not use gimmick techniques to mix in other chemicals that may have unknown altering side effects in your pond. Praziquantel is the safest and most effective way to clean your pond of parasitic flukes and worms.


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